Delphi Community Edition

A new edition of Delphi was released – Community Edition. Is it free? YES! Can you build Android and iOS apps? YES! Finnaly, for the firts time ever, full featured and free edition of Delphi for students, non-profits, freelance developers or hobbyists.

Embarcadero finally released Delphi and C++ Builder Community Edition, which is targeted mainly on students, hobbyists, open source developers or non-profits (or “low-profits”). No catch this time, nothing like “starter edition” without mobile support or 3rd party components. This time, The Community Edition has same feature set as the Professional editon, but of course, the license is different.

Single developers (or teams up to 5) or companies with less then $5000 annual revenue can use this edition for FREE. If you reach one of those limits, you need to upgrade to the Professional or higher edition.

Community Edition offers not only Windows (VCL) development, but offers full multi-device cross-platform experience (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS) based on FireMonkey framework. Check Delphi & C++ Builder Community Edition FAQs.

You can register/login and download Community Edition here.