Embarcadero has released RAD Studio XE6 (Delphi XE6)

Key New Features: Application Tethering, Taskbar Component, New VCL Styles, VCL Sensor components, In-app purchase and in-app advertising (Google AdMob and Apple iAd), create apps for Google Glass, build Android apps with C++

Application Tethering Components

  • Extend your existing Windows applications to mobile without having to port your whole Windows application. Pick the features that make sense on mobile and easily interact with your existing Windows applications.
  • Connect your desktop (VCL and FMX) applications and mobile apps
  • Create mobile companion apps for your VCL applications
  • Works via Wi-Fi and on your local network. Future versions will support Bluetooth.

Taskbar component

  • Component for presenting previews of multiple windows that are selectable in your app with button controls within the previews
  • Automatic or custom previews
  • Show progress in the taskbar button for your application
  • Overlay icons on taskbar buttons

Cloud Service (BaaS) integration with components for Kinvey and Parse

  • Integrate with leading Backend as a Service providers to add functionality and platform services to your mobile applications. You get easy access to common services in the cloud without having to build or maintain the backend services yourself.
  • Use push notifications to engage your users on any device or platform
  • Access data and object storage in the cloud
  • User authentication
  • Builds on the REST client support introduced in XE5
  • Supports the three most popular BaaS providers – Kinvey and Parse with a common API component set

New VCL Styles

  • Give your applications an updated Windows or custom look
  • Includes a Windows tablet style
  • Supports Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Fully style your applications including menus and borders

VCL sensor components

  • Sensors are everywhere, even for Windows users with new Windows tablets like the Surface Pro. Now your Delphi apps can add location, movement and other features.
  • Access device sensors from VCL apps running on Windows tablets
  • Accelerometer, GPS and gyroscope functionality

In-app purchase and in-app advertising

  • Mobile apps are a revenue generating opportunity for application developers. Now you can monetize your mobile apps by integrating in-app purchase functionality and advertising.
  • Sell content, functionality, services and subscriptions on iOS and Android
  • Supports the top ad networks (Google AdMob and Apple iAd)

Create apps for Google Glass

  • Multi-device application development with Delphi now extends beyond PCs, tablets and smartphones to wearables. Create Android apps that run on Google Glass.
  • New custom style with Google Glass optimized look and resolution
  • Google Glass device designer template


  • Make your applications easier to use for more users, including those using screen reader software.
  • New accessibility features for FM desktop applications
  • Supports JAWS on Windows and VoiceOver on Mac OS X

Quality, performance and stability

  • Get the best development experience and deliver the best user experience for your users
  • Addressed over 2,000 reported issues
  • Increased overall application runtime performance on all platforms

Build Android apps with C++

  • Adds Android as a target platform for your apps in addition to Windows, Mac OS X and iOS
  • Create apps for Android and iOS with a single C++ codebase
  • Run apps in the emulator and on ARM based Android devices
  • Supports multiple versions of Android including 4.4 KitKat

C++ Package Support for 64-bit Windows

  • Now you can fully port your 32-bit apps including packages to 64-bit
  • Put components into a shared library (DLL)

Find definition and find references

  • Find all references to a selected item across your entire project
  • For C++ on Win64, iOS and Android

Core and database features

  • Core enhancements throughout the product
  • Database and FireDAC enhancements, FDMemTable
  • Database Explorer for FireDAC
  • Apache support (WebBroker)
  • DirectX 11 headers
  • DataSnap performance and updated wizards
  • RTL refactoring and enhancements
  • FireDAC Informix driver updates
  • Apache C++ support

via Embarcadero